Mission, Core Values and Objectives

The My Heart Matters Group

"Together We Build Better Relationships"

Our mission is to help Families, Communities, Youths and Adults learn how to better relate, effectively communicate and build healthy, happy relationships starting with the person.

Our vision is to be the organization that best understands and facilitates healthy personal relationship development in The Bahamas, the Caribbean and worldwide. As catalysts of change, our vision is built upon Christian values and creative, practical, sustainable methods that educate, advocate, research and support healthy, happy relationships.

Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Care, Commitment, Confidentiality, Selflessness and living a Purpose driven life.  


  1. We are committed to giving a voice to every person and to creating individual, national, regional and international safe places for healing, self-expression, growth and wholesome fun. 

  2. We recognize marriage as a commitment between a man and a woman.

  3. We are here to Heal, Teach, Lead, Inspire and Entertain

  4. We are becoming an increasingly significant catalyst for human relations and human behavior education and support in homes, schools, colleges and other institutions of learning, work places, civic and church groups, governing bodies, corrections facilities, and other environments.

  5. We live by example and bring life to our mission, vision, core values and objectives.


  • To assist each person to understand his or her own value and in turn value others
  • To strengthen the family by providing relevant information, training and support            
  • To provide safe havens for teens and other young people to learn about life, love and relationships
  • To partner with other organizations to help foster respectful, supportive relationships
  • To stimulate positive growth in spiritual, personal, professional, national and global relationships
  • To encourage and help equip each person with the tools to make the most of life, love and relationships 
  • To be financially strong to accomplish our mission and objectives

Tuesday 07 April, 2020     
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