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Matters of the Heart

Based in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, Matters of the Heart® is much more than just a talk show. It is a platform to improve lives and relationships. It is an important component of the My Heart Matters Group®, a network of people and resources brought together to research, discuss, advocate and facilitate one of life's most talked about subjects - relationships.

Matters of the Heart brings real, everyday issues to the forefront of discussion. The show provides a safe environment for self-expression, healing and inspiration. It empowers every person to be "The advisor as well as the advised," whether it relates to the relationship between a parent and child, the intimacy between a husband and wife, the dynamisms of dating and friendship, the complexities of life, the trauma of abuse, the heartbreak of a loss or disappointment, the joy of experiencing love and affirmation or some other matter of the heart.

The show was launched in 1996 by Kirk Johnson, Mr. Matters of the Heart and developed into one of the most popular talk shows in The Bahamas. The origin of Matters of the Heart began with a young man fighting his emotions in a small, dimly lit room. The space is a radio studio of the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas and Kirk is the young man struggling to escape the hurt of losing the lady he loved. On that fateful day in September, Kirk flipped on his broadcast mike and spoke from his heart, "Is there anyone listening who has a broken heart? Call me, I'll listen." His first call came from a woman in Nassau enduring a heartbreak and with that connection, Matters of the Heart was born.

The show thanks Mr. Giles Wells II who hosted the show for more than a year between 1998 and 1999.

In 2012, Kirk took a break from Matters of the Heart and introduced the current affairs talk show, The Things That Matter. Following his break from both shows, Kirk is now conjoining his expertise in broadcast media, higher education and community development to inspire, educate and engage a global audience. As such, 2016 heralds the re-launch of Matters of the Heart and the introduction of other complementing initiatives.

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