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Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.
Thomas Gray

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To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.
Robert Frost

I’m I Ready For Love?

We met and you asked, “Are you ready for love?”
I smile and think about your question and a reply;
You see, it isn’t that I don’t have an answer but,
Are you ready, I mean are you truly ready to hear my answer?

As you stand poised and waiting, I say to you:
My heart beats a thousand times a minute
Waiting, praying and enthusiastic that true love will find me
I dress my heart with care and grace, perfectly seasoned to give
True love to the one that God would send
I adorn my mind and my soul with good and positive thoughts
Just to share with another and to be the blessing
& helpmate that I was fashioned and created to be
I endure the lonely days and nights
All in preparation for my ultimate union with the one
That waits for me.

But can you love me unconditionally and allow me to love you
Without reservations or regrets
Are you ready, no I mean sincerely ready to experience
This new plateau of life, love and euphoria
Are you ready to share with me the oneness that the Creator has designed?
Are you ready to forgive me of my past mistakes and accept me?
No, I mean all of me
& my idiosyncrasies as I bear them to you
Are you ready for the depth, height and breathe of such an awe-inspiring journey?

It’s been awhile since I’ve allowed my heart to be exposed
And to be touched by love &
I concur that love IS more than a kiss, a rhyme and so much more than
Just a fleeting moment in time, Love Is real, it is eternal
Yes, I am ready to be enraptured by love, to hold love, to feel love, to be loved and to love.

Sir, are you ready for my love?

V. Monique Saunders
Nassau, Bahamas

All Rights Reserved®


A whirlwind so fast, Rushing through my soul, Soaring above the clouds

Shining brighter than the sun, All consuming, The eater of pain,

The national carrier of joy. Scary, confusing, Yet all so true

Pure, unspoiled. Attainable but yet so far.

Will it burn out to nothing but a sizzle or will it last?

Can we handle something so fast? Can we survive…this hurricane?

Over the top, Over the edge, Will we plummet or will we rise?

Lost, but found, Alone but yet not lonely

Can we stand? An island against the world Combating, moving forward

To a safe haven...Each other’s arms where we find peace. Can this last?

To afraid to fail. To afraid to move forward And then I look into your eyes, And

my mind becomes clear. I see the strength that I need to move on, To live, to feel

The Power of Our Love.

         Alicia Newton
       Nassau, Bahamas
All Rights Reserved 2007®


Hot and dry, endless desire. Burning, yearning, glowing, churning,
Feeling the warmth of her touch, From the arch of her feet,
To the crown of her head, She sets his heart, his eyes, his senses ablaze.

Thinking back he sees what once was a traveler in a crowded wilderness,
Neither, looking, longing, searching or seeking, Unaware of forces around him.
Then, without warning, there she stood in Majesty before him,
He reaches for her, she reaches for him. Bliss on contact.

Like an Autumn leaf, caught on a whispering wind,
The very mention of her name, sends a chill down his spine.
He thrashes for her beneath the surface,
The moment his eyes come to rest upon her, he inhales,
She is the air in his lungs, and then, she takes his breath away.

Warm and moist like a dew kissed petal,
He feels her breath, on his ear, on his neck, she is near.
Now in her arms, she's quenched his thirst, satiated the raging fire,
She is to him, a source of which all things exists, A source in which all things consists.

Nassau, Bahamas
All Rights Reserved® 2007


The eighth wonder

Why the eighth wonder?

Because he just Is Mystifying, Satisfying, Phenomenal, Unbelievable.

Oh, he IS.

More breathtaking than the Grand Canyon, More awe inspiring than Everest,

More powerful than Victoria Falls. Oh he IS.

        Nassau, Bahamas
    All Rights Reserved® 2007


The ways

Oh how do I love thee? let me count the ways

The ways this man has me caught and entangled in his love

I love him to the depth of the sea it's true

but far deeper than the greatest depth ever reached

I love him to the breath of the land it's true

but even more far reaching than all the earth

I love him to the height of Everest it's true

but not even the skies outreach this love

He is perfection. Perfect love that encompass

the depth, the breadth, the height my soul can reach

        Nassau, Bahamas
    All Rights Reserved®


I’m ready for love
Are you ready for me?
Are you ready to experience your destiny?

So many have asked but when it comes to them
they unwisely let it pass them by
I’m talking about love.
Much more than an emotional high

Are you ready to be blessed?
Are you ready to be found?
Are you ready for a journey that won’t hold you down?

Let me Love you
I’ll prove to you that love
Is more than just words, more than just a moment in time
Love is more than what’s convenient
I’ll show you that love is alive and oh so real
That love is something you can also feel

That love knows you by name and wants to be your best friend
Your confidant, your protector to the end.
Hold me, touch me, and know me for
I am L-O-V-E
I am more than a kiss, much more than a rhyme
I am more than just a mere moment in time.
Now that you know where Love is and where I stand, what will you do? Where will you go?
Kirk Johnson
Nassau, Bahamas
All Rights Reserved®



My Heart Matters

It rises from the ashes of yesteryear
It holds fast for dear life
Shattered, broken abused and
Sometimes worn out
It still hopes for a brighter tomorrow
I try to convince myself that tomorrow would be a better day
Exhausted from the struggles, but I refuse to give up and give in
Innocence lost,
No! Innocence stolen

I grew up ashamed, confused, vulnerable and bewildered
I knew it was wrong
But was too afraid to tell, no-one would believe me
Years of happiness, peace and true love
You have stolen from me
My only fault was that I was a defenseless child in your care

Years have past and I am now a woman
I am learning how to forgive you, forgive me
And learning how to move on
I kneel before my Heavenly Father
And offer myself to Him wholeheartedly
He washes, cleanses, forgives and restores me
Old things have past away; all things have become new (II Cor. 5:17)
It’s a slow process, but one that I must endure

No, I am not whole but I pursue wholeness
For in it, then and only then will I truly possess the me that you took away
I rise from the past and prepare for the future
I move on from the hurt, bareness and worthlessness
Your ungodly and destructive desires marked my soul with
And I embrace my future with confidence, hope courage and
Keen expectation and anticipation for a brighter day
I am stronger now, for strength and honor are my clothing (Prvb. 31:25)

A new day is here,
I forgive you, I forgive me and I love me because …
My Heart Matters!

V. Monique Saunders
Nassau, Bahamas
All Rights Reserved®

What I need is a Diamond Hunter

One who isn’t willing to settle for costume jewelry:
Pretty on the outside and little value on the inside

One who looks beyond the surface
and digs deep to find the hidden treasure within

One who is a passionate excavator who pursues a rare lasting treasure

One who appreciates the value of a precious diamond,
Hidden in the rough and pursues her beauty

One who knows how to handle the diamond with care;
he brushes it until he brings out the brilliance of his find:

Yes, what I need is a Diamond Hunter,

Diamonds are rare, but a Diamond Hunter is much harder to find.

The diamond eagerly awaits to be discovered
By a passionate Diamond Hunter

Who will polish and bring out her radiant Brilliance?

Nassau, Bahamas
VRC 10/30/06
All Rights Reserved®


Getting to The Root!

Any man can be a daddy, but not all are fathers,
Any woman can be a mommy, but not all are mothers.
Most 'Fathers’ today are different from back then,
And many ‘mothers’ are rarely home because they’re in another man’s pen.
Some dads have no house and have difficulty paying rent,
Cause on women, all their earnings are spent.

They don’t spend time in the home,
All they do is roam.
Bad apples are everywhere,
One way ticket from Satan’s lair.

Dad said he wants a divorce cause mother’s nagging,
His sweetheart doing the same thing, but getting his money and bragging.
“Hi Sweetie” is who dad would text,
And mother was in the shower. What a mess!

How could children cope with this disaster?
We could only ask The Master.
How can we grow a forest of families,
If we uproot small trees?

GiaDina S. Pinder
Nassau, Bahamas
All Rights Reserved®

Tuesday 07 April, 2020     
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