My Heart Matters Community Fun Day!


We bring kids and families together for an exciting time and loads of fun! We are the My Heart Matters Group and we’d like to bring some sunshine, broad smiles, mighty muscles and loads of fun your way!


Here are a few photos from our Annual My Heart Matters Community and Family Fun Day 

We give special thanks to our partners, sponsors and unsung heroes for believing in us and our work but even more for believing in the value and importance of each person in our homes, families, schools, workplaces and communities. You help make the difference!

Royal Star Assurance
Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas
BahaMar   Insurance Management    
McDonald’s    Bahamas Bakery Services
Bahamas Food Services Model Bakery
Executive Motors Battlefield Bahamas
BTC Abaco Markets
Purity Bakery Dominoes
Pinder’s Customs and Brokerage Island Wholesale
Amusement Bahamas Chelsea’s Choice
Tuesday 07 April, 2020     
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