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“One Father is More Than One Hundred Schoolmasters”
George Herbert


About Us 

Bahamas All Pro Dad Father and Kids Initiative - is a chapter of All Pro Dad (USA). We were introduced to The Bahamas in October 2006 by Kirk Johnson, founder of The My Heart Matters Group.  Locally, we operate as a program of the MyHMG.

We are a member of a growing global community of affiliate chapters found throughout the US, in South Africa, Canada, China and the UK. The All Pro Dad initiative is a sports-influenced program of Family First; a faith-based, nonprofit organization based in Tampa, Florida and founded by Mark MerrillVisit The Bahamas All Pro Dad international listing. Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts (2007 Super Bowl Champions) Tony Dungy, serves as Head Coach of the All Pro Dad program.

The Bahamas All Pro Dad is honoured to have Dr. Myles Munroe as its coach and advisor.  We are a nonprofit, faith-based organization comprised of committed men and fathers and supported by mothers and others.  

  • We present energized, innovative programs and events to strengthen our men and fathers, our youths, our women and mothers, our families, our communities and our country. As a program of The My Heart Matters Group, we too are Relationship Builders®.

  • We incorporate athletics and sports in providing support, education and intervention programs in partnership with government agencies, corporate Bahamas, international organizations, civic groups and community-minded persons and organizations.

  • We achieve our goals through role playing, coaching and counseling, interactive games, motivational talks, video presentations, parenting and family classes and other resources.


Head Coach Michael Tomlin Pittsburgh Steelers

All Pro Dad and Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Michael Tomlin is the third youngest head coach in any of the four major North American professional sports.  On February 1, 2009 he became the youngest head coach to lead his team to Super Bowl victory!

Our Mandate
Our Mission and Mandate is to:

  • Bring Fathers & their Kids together
  • Strengthen and Protect the Family 
  • Encourage & Educate Men & Fathers in understanding and carrying out our role in the Family and Society 
  • Help Kids & Teens Build Self-esteem, Instill Values, learn to Effectively   Communicate and Resolve Conflict  
  • Promote the Significance of Men/Fathers to Family and Nation Building 

We are driven by our Core Values of Honesty, Respect, Commitment, Confidentiality, Selflessness and being Purpose bound

  1. Monthly All Pro Dads' Day Breakfast when fathers, father figures and their sons and daughters connect
  2. Once a month during school months, the Students Shout it Out program visits primary, junior and senior high schools in New Providence and the family islands.  
  3. Once a year, The Father & Kids Experience brings fathers, mothers and their kids together for an interactive, family-focused fun day!
  4. Once a year, The Huddle (Pro Dad Workshops) provides an "out of the box" learning experience that makes learning interactive and practical.
Schedule Summary


Click here for our next All Pro Dads Day Breakfast



Once a year, Fathers, their Kids and the rest of the family gather for hours of fun, excitement and family values. From tots to teens to adults, everyone celebrates the family at the Bahamas All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience.

Program Features:

  • Father & Kids and Family-centered games & activities
  • Family Entertainment (Dads, Moms & kids perform)
  • Resources – books, DVDs, brochures etc 
  • Bahamas All Pro Dad Teen Award
  • Bahamas All Pro Dad Mom Award
  • The National, Bahamas All Pro Dad Award
  • 7 Minutes of Motivation – Fatherhood. Manhood & Family

Our Team Bahamas All Pro Dad Father & Kids Initiative

Dr. Myles Munroe - Advisor & Head Coach
Geraldo Bullard -
Jermaine Coakley - Audio Video
Chris Johnson - 
Kirk Johnson - Captain
Tyrone Johnson -
Geno Kemp -
Charles Smith - Co-Captain
Randolph Smith -



  • 24/7 Dad™ is a cutting-edge, in-depth fathering skills program that is easy to implement and proven to work. Program includes everything you need to successfully market, run, and evaluate a fatherhood program!


  • Office of Child Development
    OCD is a university of Pittsburg community partnership dedicated to improving the lives of children, youths and families.


  • The National Fatherhood Initiative
    www.fatherhood.org - A Fatherhood initiative you should know about.

  • The Scout Association of the Bahamas
    www.scoutbahamas.org – Education young people around the world for more than a century


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Support Bahamas All Pro Dad – Father & Kids Initiative

We need your help to continue making a difference for our kids, families, fathers, young men and communities across The Bahamas.

Your contribution will help fund needed programs in communities across Cat Island, New Providence, Exuma, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Eleuthera, Inagua and other places in The Bahamas.

Contact Us

We look forward to talking with you. Contact us at 

1 (242) 326-2338 (W)
1 (242) 434-2958 (Mobile)
Email: dad@myheartmatters.com
Mail us at My Heart Matters/Bahamas All Pro Dad, P.O. Box N-4176, Nassau, The Bahamas

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