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Launched in 2006 by our founder and president Kirk Johnson, we are you. It may sound a little unusual but in many ways it is true. From the Netherlands to New Zealand, Africa to Afghanistan, France to the Philippines, the United Kingdom to the United States of America, Canada to the Caribbean, Australia to Asia, Beijing to Brazil, Europe to Uruguay, Mayaguana to the Middle East, and everywhere in between, we all have a heart that matters. We are the My Heart Matters Group®.  We are Relationship Builders® committed to family, community and national development by improving human relationships beginning with the individual.

Built on Christian values and guided by a global Mission and Core Values, we organize projects, events, research and resources that help families, adults and youths strengthen their self-value, build character, and learn how to better relate, communicate and build healthy relationships.

Based in The Bahamas, our work takes us from the bedroom to the boardroom and from the playground to the halls of government. As such, we take a realistic look at human relations today and find creative but practical ways to engage, educate, and advocate for wholesome relationships in the home, family, workplace, the community and consequently the country.

"Who you are affects your relationships and your relationships affect who you are and the person you become"
Kirk Johnson

We firmly believe that a happy marriage, a functional family, a fulfilling friendship, a rewarding dating relationship, a productive work environment and a well-rounded person are all possible. To achieve this, we must: 1. Want to, 2. Learn How to 3. Apply what we learn and then 4. Teach others.

“Together We Build Better Relationships," and a healthy relationship begins with you!!

Tuesday 07 April, 2020     
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